Our philosophy

Become a business group specialized in the needs of the electricity industry in Mexico. Offer customers the solutions for the designing, developing, implementing and operating of projects in the Industrial, Commercial, Domestic, Agricultural and Service sectors, in addition to promoting TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION, by means of working in collaboration with universities and Research Institutions, for the creation of products and services required by the electricity industry, throughout different companies development, such as:

Provide solutions, products, services and innovative technologies to generators, marketers, plus final users in the Mexican Electrical Industry, as well as carriers and distributors. We look forward to improve the process efficiency that generate the profitability and sustainability indicators that any company or business seek for in their investment.

Offer an avant-garde quality products and services portfolio to all of those participating in the business of the national electricity market, aiming to have the energy needs for all of the sectors involved, covered. Have the competitive advantage in the Advanced Specialty in Electric Energy Measurement for marketing purposes in the current business environment.

Cause an impact on technological development and innovation, in order to provide a contribution to the competitiveness of companies, becoming part of the social responsibility related with our environment. Promote the collaboration with Research Institutions and Universities, where the KNOWLEDGE-EDUCATION-SCIENCE-TECHNOLOGY-INNOVATION chain shall be fostered by becoming an aid to help in the investigation and creation of technological alternatives for measuring, as well as for communication equipment in the electrical sector, offering cutting-edge technology to the Mexican final users, but being available for member of all social sectors.