To The Sectors Within the Electric Industry

The service we offer to the Industry, Commerce and Services sectors are oriented to the development and implementation of projects, which are aimed for the promotion of energy saving by optimizing the productivity processes, thus achieving the reduction of electricity costs. The first level energy studies are applied in order to monitor the behavior and levels of demand in the electric power service, according to the energy usage and the rate applied to it, by means of having load profile techniques, with fiscal meters, applied, too. The electric energy savings opportunity areas will be determined in the company facilities, verifying its technical feasibility and economic profitability, without any sort of detraction of neither the comfort nor the quality of its products.


The projects are aimed for production workshops, maquila industry, pork slaughtering houses, food processing industry, farms, service companies, etc.


Addressed to the companies of the different branches like the maquila, chemistry, metalworking, alimentary, carbonated drinks, plastic, textile, etc.


Companies with large blocks of electricity consumption participate, such as the Corporate Groups of different industrial branches: cement, glass, steel, mining, paper, automotive, electroplating, metallurgy, auto parts, etc.


Offering integral projects with Measurement and Monitoring for individual energy systems, looking forward to provide the user with the necessary information of their energy costs consumption and trends that shall help them to achieve an effective energy supply control within their company facilities.

The Market

The Electric Energy Market in Mexico.

The electric power market in Mexico, in addition to the objectives related with both a social and technological impact, clearly also represents a great business opportunity. Consequently, Grupo Medithor puts all of its efforts on the design of technological innovation products, which shall have a relevant impact on the energy culture in Mexico, by means of contributing to the efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability of the customers, who are found within the Domestic, Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial and electrical Service sectors, as well as for the participants of the electricity market.

Using a sales strategy for our products, as well as providing the services of operation, monitoring and energy consumption control that help on providing an adequate administration and efficiency on energy costs, our customers shall be able to deal with a teamwork of specialists focused in each one of the items related with the implementation of their projects, concerning the use, commercialization, distribution and generation of electrical energy.

We also offer, in addition to providing measurement and communication equipment for the usage or commercialization of electrical energy in the National Market, our state of the art technology, knowledge and innovation skills in the development and implementation of projects for advanced billing of electric power concepts for the energy plants facilities, companies, businesses and homes that require public electric power service, with the purpose of separating, in an accountable sense, the energy costs of the processes and sub-processes that users have in the electricity market.

Our project is a computer system that has the tools for monitoring both the energy consumption and demand, where the statistics in real time of the electrical expenditure with additional tools can be performed, interacting with an automatic electrical devices control, providing the ability to turn them on and off, thus having the electric energy consumption efficiently reduced, which would help to achieve a substantial improvement in both competitiveness and productivity.

For The Participants in The Electric Industry Market .

Nowadays, in accordance to the statistics provided by the energy supplier company in Mexico, including the Center Area of the country, it provides electric power service to more than 37 million customers, which have had a 5.8% average annual growth rate during the last ten years, which reveals the potential of opportunities and projects that can be implemented in the electricity industry.

Grupo Medithor will provide a wide variety of products and services for companies that will establish businesses in the national electricity market. Plus, it will deliver the tools for the administration and operation of the electric power concepts, such as advanced invoicing for the energy generation plants facilities or complexes, businesses and homes that require public electric power service, in order to control the energy costs of the processes and sub-processes that the final users have in the electricity market.

Our projects contemplate operating under the regulations and legal requirements of the electricity industry, within the regulatory framework that will allow performing a proper energy cost control, under the current tariff structures for the energy supplying and selling, within the environment of the National electricity market. Carrying out the measurement and billing activities to check the measurements made by the Supplier, the most accurate invoicing criteria and current regulations for billing calculations shall be used. It will be possible to create awareness on the demand contribution of each process to billing, performing real energy measurements based upon the current tariff structures, calculating the demand values in accordance to the tariff provisions, generating an effective consumption and demand control for the energy services, parameters monitoring for schedules set in Base, Intermediate, Peak and Semi-Peak tariffs, avoiding energy calculations based on each process proportionalities and managing prices and current tariff structures effectively, thus.