It is our duty to offer complete administrative solutions to industrial, private and government clients, nationwide. We also provide the tools that contribute to the control and timely decision making for an adequate business administration, helping in the continuous improvement and reliability that offers the profitability that any company aims for, in their investment.

  • Consulting and management to the participants of the electricity industry in Mexico.
  • Service provider to the projects of permit holders in measurement and communication systems.
  • Services of connections and cuts of supplies, pruning, verifications and normalization.
  • Contract of services and asset management in generation plants.
  • Spare parts provider for the maintenance and availability of power generation plants.
  • Training to the participants of the electric industry.
  • Support services to assist and solve customers’ needs.
  • Development of computer systems for WEB applications and Windows Systems.
  • Import Services for goods and products placed at the border.


We help organizations to establish businesses, in addition to providing products, supplies, materials and goods that require for the solution of needs in companies. In addition, we have detonated the development of computer systems that help in the administration and operation that allows an operation efficiency in the businesses of the organizations in different sectors:

  • Projects of energy generation from waste (WTE), solar and combined cycle plants.
  • Management of distributed generation projects for self-consumption and / or sale of electricity.
  • Services and development of information technologies that help the business administration and operation of any company.
  • Equipment and tools with technologies for communication, network, structural wiring, radio frequency, telephony, data storage systems and computer security equipment.
  • Provider of material, electrical supplies and maintenance plans to guarantee the operation and comfort in buildings, offices, shopping centers, government facilities and industry, in order to have electrical installations in optimal conditions.
  • Management for the connection of energy supplies, construction of substations, electrical work in High, Medium and Low Voltage, urban and rural electrification.
  • Public lighting systems for municipalities, with low and medium voltage measurements, as well as control and automation for the city lighting efficient operation.


  • We also offer support service, as well as maintenance with personalized help in the handling of computer equipment, printers, plus help in the use of operating systems, office tools, databases and antivirus, among others.
  • Providers of physical security equipment, bulletproof vests and protection customized bags against attacks for personnel with public functions and security corporations.
  • Construction services and professional civil works, such as paving, earthworks, leveling, structures, buildings and earthworks, among others.