The Biller Project

Advanced Electric Energy Billing System

The Biller Project is an Advanced Electric Energy Billing system, which influences the energy culture of companies because it is adaptable to any tariff structure in the different electricity sectors. It provides a relevant contribution to the efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability of all Domestic, Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial and Service users, as well as the participants in the Electricity Industry in Mexico.

The Biller system is aimed to become a complete administrative solution for energy consumers in the national market, as well as for the generating, supplying and marketing companies in the electricity industry. It provides the necessary information of the measurement parameters and electric energy billing, offering monitoring, analytical reports, plus functionalities that help to deliver an efficient control of the energy commercialization for the electrical infrastructure used by any company production process.

In addition, the BILLER system is an advanced tool that will provide the reports for the control and timely decision making in the management of energy costs, helping in the continuous improvement and reliability of the energy commercialization that contributes to the profitability that any potential Investment aims for.


The BILLER Project has been developed as a computer system that helps in the administration and operation of energy costs for the companies of the national electricity sector. Consequently, it is possible to establish the following services that allow an operation efficiency in the electricity industry business:

  • Marketing service and energy billing.
  • Solution for generation plant projects.
  • Management services to the electrical industry.
  • Energy management for the national electronic market.



The use of the BILLER SYSTEM helps to improve the efficiency and proper operation of the companies involved in the energy sector in Mexico. Therefore, the following benefits generate the certainty required in the development of measurement, communication and billing activities for auditing:

  • Check the measurements made by the Supplier.
  • Use billing criteria and current regulations for billing calculations.
  • Know the actual contribution of matching demand of each process to billing.
  • Actual energy measurements based on current tariff structures.
  • Calculate the values of every five-minute-rolling demand, in accordance to the tariff provisions.
  • Effective control of consumptions in Base, Intermediate, Peak and Semi-Peak time periods.
  • Avoid energy calculations based on the proportionalities of each process.
  • Effectively manage prices and current tariff structures.
  • Monitoring of energy quality parameters in users and substations.
  • Tax administration in power generation plants.