The Business


Our company has endeavored to provide products and services of excellent quality for the electrical industry throughout its history, using the most reliable services and tools that have helped us reach its productivity and competitiveness. This has been accomplished by means of using measurement and communication equipment oriented to the electric power generation and commercialization activities.

The electricity sector in Mexico faces great challenges, and one of them is to make prices both competitive and accessible at the same time. This is a very important factor for the Mexican economy, since electricity is an essential input for industrial, commercial and service activities. Therefore, the management of research with companies that develop technologies, as well as the analysis of the different sectors, has led us to become better aware of the needs for the energy administration, billing, monitoring and control, for the electricity industry processes. These turn rather important for the companies and businesses that perform any of the electricity related activities within different sorts of sectors, such as industrial, commercial, agricultural, service and even domestic, as well as for the participants of the National electricity market in Mexico.


Our company has found the motivation to develop technological projects with an economic, social, political, educational and ecological impact, among others, as it would be fully compatible with the vocation, competence and interest that we have in our organization to share responsibility within our environment.

Therefore, we are fully convinced that we can complete a business plan that entails the lowest investment risk, with high profitability indicators, along with the technological and social responsibility benefits that shall be generated, thus. Moreover, in the investigation of new markets to innovate products with new technologies, in addition to perform research for the implementation of future renewable generation sources, which provide not only sustainability, but also the ability to be managed with our products.

Furthermore, we can guarantee the results and benefits of our projects because, in addition to the great competitive and market advantages set by the development of our products, we have an efficient and competent staff with both the technical and engineering skills most certainly required, as well as enough experience in the electrical industry, personnel with skills in the development of computer systems, extensive knowledge in the legal regulations for the supply and sale of energy from the electricity market, as well as the tariffs provision, along with a full dominance of the energy measurement systems and communication means.

The international business

Grupo Medithor has integrated ―with foreign companies―, all of its experience and knowledge in the design, construction and operation of electric power generation technologies, aimed to create an International Commercial Cooperation Agreement, in order to boost business for the electricity industry in Mexico.

We currently offer our products and services to start the management of Waste to Energy (WTE) technology for power generation projects, mainly for municipalities. In addition, derived from the association of our companies, we now have the capacity to provide the solution for the generation of energy based on solar, wind, turbo-gas plants, as well as cogeneration, for private industries.

Regarding WTE technology, Europe has accumulated over 40 years of experience in the use of waste for power generation plants. Therefore, Exante Power and Grupo Medithor have the required capacity to offer turnkey solutions for electric power generation plants, having everything related to it perfectly covered, from the construction of the boiler and the operation system of the burner, to the automation of the turbine, the monitoring of instrumentation and continuous emissions control.

In addition to energy generation technologies, we now also have the required capacity to provide the following services:

  • Service contract plus asset management.
  • Update of system components.
  • Environmental services for equipment and systems that could have been taken out of service.
  • Training for engineers, operators, programmers and maintenance personnel.
  • Remote support services to provide the necessary assistance for the fulfillment of any particular needs.
  • Preventive and corrective services for plant assets and equipment.
  • Spare parts for the maintenance and availability of energy generation plants.
  • Consulting and diagnosis for the commercial operation of the energy generation plants.